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What if I forget to return the patient information sheet five days prior to my procedure?
Not a problem. Just bring it with you the day of the procedure. We do appreciate if you send it back at least five days prior to your appointment or you can fax it to the Endoscopy Center at 508-775-7752.

Will my procedure be cancelled if I forget to stop my blood thinner?
Coumadin MUST be stopped five days prior. If you forgot and are already prepped, we can still do your procedure but may not be able to remove polyps. This means you would need to repeat the procedure if polyps were found. If Coumadin cannot be discontinued, consult your cardiologist regarding bridging with Lovenox injections. Lovenox injections should be stopped 12 hours prior to the procedure. If you take any prescription blood thinners they should be stopped one week prior to your procedure if possible. If you forget, please inform your doctor as soon as possible.

What if I am drinking the gallon prep and I get nauseated and/or vomit?
Give it a break for 1/2 to one hour then resume drinking. It may take a few hours for the solution to work. Call your gastroenterologist if you still cannot tolerate the prep. He may decide to change it.

How do I get the best results for bowel cleansing?
It is important to drink your prep in the time period advised by your doctor. Avoid seeds, corn and fiber roughage for two days prior to the procedure. Stop taking iron pills five days prior. Multivitamins containing iron are fine.

It looks like I have blood in my stool after my bowel prep!
Occasionally hemorrhoidal tissue becomes inflamed and bleeds. Sometimes the food coloring in jello, frozen ice and juice can leave a residual discoloration. After your procedure your physician will let you know if there was any bleeding present.

I have diabetes. What about my medications?
Hold your insulin and/or oral diabetic pills the day of your procedure. We will schedule you early in the day when possible. If you feel you need an adjustment on your insulin for the day prior to your exam, we recommend you contact the physician who follows your diabetes. You may wish to bring your medications along with you.

Can I take my heart, blood pressure or seizure medications?
You can take your needed medications at least TWO hours prior to your arrival to the center with only a few sips of water. (Exceptions are noted above.) If you are scheduled very early in the morning, you can bring them along and take them after your procedure.

What about antibiotics?
Not all patients who take antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures need it for these procedures. If you know you need to take antibiotics and can get them from your primary care physician or have them available at home, you must take them TWO hours prior to your arrival. Call the center if you have questions.

Why do I have to arrive one hour prior to my actual procedure time?
We ask that you arrive early to review your medical history, be interviewed by anesthesia staff, start your intravenous, and to speak with your physician. It is important that we spend this time getting to know you to keep you safe during your procedure.

How long does the actual procedure take?
A gastroscopy takes an average of 10 minutes. More time is needed if specimens are obtained or dilation is done. A colonoscopy varies in time with an average of 15-20 minutes. Again, more time is needed if polyps are removed or biopsies are taken.

Will I be asleep for my procedure?
You will be interviewed by an anesthesia provider prior to your procedure. They will review your medical history and medication list. You will most likely be given deep sedation which will keep you asleep and unaware of the procedure. The anesthesia provider will monitor you throughout your procedure.

Why can't I take a taxi home?
Taxi drivers can not assume responsibility for your welfare. It is important that upon your discharge, you leave with a responsible adult who will drive and accompany you home. It is acceptable, however, for both of you to taxi home. Upon discharge, we ask that your driver come into our waiting area and escort you to the car.

Can I drink alcohol since it's a clear liquid?

Why can't I wear jewelry?
Metals can interfere with our cautery equipment. Please leave at home.